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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Life is so beautiful. I have never felt so much profound love before. I don't know how to describe it. My heart is just so warm and happy and I love the people here so much. Sometimes I start crying when I think about it. Haha, it's so odd!!!

M. went to the Temple last week to do baptisms!! I was told that time after time dunking him under, he would naturally curl up his knees....hahaha.... He is so great.  They kept trying to help him understand to bend but not cannonball.

We have been teaching a man from India, Chir. Because of daily Book of Mormon study, his faith in Jesus Christ has increased so much. Faith in Christ leads us to action! Faith leads us to repent. This week Chir. showed up to our lesson with so much sorrow in his countenance.  He then told us that he sometimes get really angry at work. He hates it about himself and yearns to change. The lesson that we had prepared for him that day was on repentance! Heavenly Father is so aware. 
Repentance is so freeing. I love change.
 A lifestyle of repentance is a lifestyle of light and clarity.
Thanksgiving Day

Incredible news!!! Lam got her Permanent Residency!!! This is such an answer to prayer!!

Yesterday during third hour, Relief Society/Priesthood were combined (that is everyone in the branch) President Keller had all those stand that are the first people in their family to be baptised. 85% of the audience stood. This branch is so special. They are such valiant, courageous pioneers.
My heart just about bursts daily. I love being a missionary. I am learning so much about truth and love. 

Toi yeu gia dinh toi!  (I think this is I love you in Vietnamese...) 
Sister Stevenson 

PS.Funny story,
This week for Thanksgiving we were going to make Sister Larsen's funeral potato recipe! It called for frozen shredded hashbrowns, but they don't have those here, so we bought frozen tator tots and shredded/smushed them up. We didn't have a baking dish because it's a Chinese flat and there is mostly only wok's, so we used a big wok and unscrewed the handles. Then we forgot to buy sour cream so we just left it out.
It was interesting in the end!