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Monday, November 24, 2014

LOVE AND AFFIRMATION MAKE US SOAR! I got a speeding fine :(((((


Our new Golden Missionary (brand new) is sweet sweet Sister P.  She  is from Vigen, Philippines. She is almost 12 inches shorter than me, is freezing in 20 degree weather and is the most humble missionary I know. She is such a joy and a blessing. I have the most wonderful companions.

The night Sister P. arrived, one of our neighbours was playing Greek music really loudly, we can see into their backyard from our appt and could see a few older men and women drinking and dancing and yelling "OPAH!!!" for hours. It was a great way to welcome her to Melbourne!!!

We have been teaching a woman named K. for months on and off...she has been taught by so many missionaries. This week we got a text from her saying that now is the time. She is ready to be baptised and follow God completely. We met with her this week and she's had a complete change of heart. Such miracles.

There is a girl in our branch named A.    A.  is 16 and was baptised earlier in the year. She and her family moved from Malaysia recently and now live in the city. Honestly the miracles continue ceaselessly....we were invited over to their house for dinner this week. It was such a delight and afterwards we asked the father if we could share a gospel message. By this point, 4 of their neighbours from Malaysia had also come in and we were teaching a large room full of Buddhists. We talked about the Godhead and Jesus Christ's Atonement. We asked Alicia to bear her  testimony,part way through she suddenly started sobbing. It was as if she was a very shaken fizzy drink that was being opened. This was the first time that her family was listening! This was her chance.  For the next 40 minutes she bubbled out as much gospel knowledge as she could. "I believe in something called is..." And then her father would interrupt and give philosophical view points. By then end her dad just said that he has such a special daughter...she has always had such a love for truth. The family said they would try to come to church on Sunday.  It was such a miracle night.
Stair Step Sister's

Unfortunately I've had the flu all week...all is well though! I was given a blessing that talked about how we must experience the bitter in order to appreciate the sweet. Touche. 
 I am choosing to be grateful for this flu! 
I am SO thankful for my trials that allow me to be grateful for good health and my healthy body and the ability to walk and run and jump and dance! I am so thankful to know that there is UNIVERSAL TRUTH and bright, glorious, shining HOPE through Jesus Christ.
Oh family, there are so many people that are suffering in the world. I am around so many homeless, hungry, sad and angry people daily and my heart cringes. It makes me weep. We do are best to lift and encourage and help them. How are you helping people today? God's children need love. Every one of them. Love and affirmation indeed make us soar!
Are you being a nurturer for God?

My heart burns with desire to tell EVERYONE about the Gospel of Christ. Everyone deserves to know that we are God's know what that means changes everything. He loves us more than we can comprehend. We have inherited divine qualities from Him! We can become like Him!! I know that He loves us.

I love you all so very much. :) :) :) Please be kind and serve the people around you. We need each other! 
Sister Stevenson
PS.    I got a speeding fine :(((((
Back in March! Haha.  The fine was  mailed to me.
I was in unknown territory and there are speeding cameras and I guess I was going 2ks over and now I have to pay $180.
Money is is is temproal..... :(