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Monday, November 3, 2014


Bula Vinaca! 

I was able to go on an exchange this week with the lovely Sister B. from Fiji!  She has only been here two weeks, what a JOY she is to our mission. She is so positive, humble and friendly. 

We had a Cultural Night this week for our branch. It was one of the happiest, most delightful things to see the Men of our congregation learn a Maori Haka.

Cultural Night

We had a really interesting lesson with a Pakistani man who has studied comparative religions for the past 15 years. He mostly wouldn't let us say a word, but nonetheless explained to us the lead in to the Restoration of the Gospel. It was interesting... we were able to tell him that our views are very much aligned and that there IS universal truth...I'm so grateful to know that!

We have been working with a girl named A. who hasn't been to church in quite some time...she is a Bollywood performer!!! She has come to church the last three Sundays and bore her testimony is so special and joyous to help people rekindle their faith.

Tomorrow is a Victoria holiday!  Melbourne Cup Day! I have seen so many women in BEAUTIFUL, colorful, toule and feather-filled derby hats. So fun!

Some of the missionaries I work with are struggling with an emotional issue of some sort...President Maxwell has talked to us about not taking ones temperature too much, but helping them to love to work. I thought this was interesting.  I've found that every missionary is different, their needs, struggles etc. It's good to have one on one exchanges to figure out what their specific need is...One of my dearest sisters really struggles with anxiety and depression, she gets so nervous between 6:30 and 8am that it makes her sick....this week we tried listening to the scriptures on cd while she got ready and for the first time in 6 months, was able to start studies on time. This effected the rest of her day...she feels more at peace. It's like the prelude to her personal study/day.  

I love my Saviour, He sets such a perfect example for us. I have found such a change in my life as I pray for charity...the pure love of Christ. Will you study Moroni 7:44-48 today?
Love you forever. Hurrah for Israel!!!
Sister Stevenson

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