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Monday, October 20, 2014

It Was Quite Humorous When She Saw Our Badges :)


This week we were able to attend the Temple...oh how entering the Lord's Heavenly house makes my heart soar!!!! 

This morning I read about Christ visiting the America's after He has been resurrected...the first thing He commands the gatherers to do is to "Arise"...He then has them come unto Him to feel His prints...later He has Nephi also "arise" and the gives Him the authority to baptise. I studied about Joshua and Ezekiel who were also commanded to not just worship the Lord alone, but to arise and act. I want to ARISE in every situation and help others do the same...there has been no greater joy in my life than to be an instrument for the Lord.

This week there was an International Jehovah's Witness conference in Melbourne....70,000 representative covered the city all week with big purple lanyards and badges. It was quite an interesting experience! I met many kind people from around the world...all united for a good cause! When we were walking to our apartment from our Richmond tram last night, we found one of their purple badges on the ground, we called the number on the back and met up with Ros from Perth. She was so happy that we had found her badge! It was quite humorous when we approached each other and she saw our badges :) She was so friendly and it's definitely not coincidence we met her!
This is where we live!

Yus. is doing well! This week while talking about the Plan of Salvation with him, he said that "life on earth is picnic....we had to come to picnic so we could go home later" 
The next day he said that life on earth is training, and we are his trainers.  No matter the analogy, this life is just a drop of eternity! Please, feast upon the words of Christ everyday. It is worth it. Talk to God....tell Him your joys, your concerns, your desires, everything! I KNOW that He is listening...I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can change us. It changes my heart...only HE can change me! I can try and try so hard to change my behaviour, but as I plead for this change of heart, he changes my nature so that I have no disposition to act in any way that is unpleasing to Him. I love repentance. I want to change everyday!

I know that this is His work. I love serving the Lord as a missionary!!

I love you, I love you, I love you!!!
Sister Stevenson
These are the cheapest grapes I have seen so far

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