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Monday, October 13, 2014


This week we went outside to GQ/street contact...I had decided in my mind that the first person I saw, I would talk to. That first person's name was Chris. He is from Bosnia.  He came up to the church with us for a tour...we ended up sitting down with him in the chapel. As we discussed his belief in a being that has looked out for him, I became very aware with everything in me that the reason I hit my head my junior year, and then was burnt a few years later, was preparing me to meet this man.   I have never thought that I could empathize in a way that would truly effect someone. 
This man is near homeless, and his words a little slow because of a car accident he was in last year. And I know that He means everything to the Lord. I have never loved someone so much that I didn't know. I was able to testify of Jesus Christ and His enabling power to lift us. To give us strength beyond our own capacity. I understood him so heart has never felt so soft and full of love.  He so humbly wants to follow Jesus Christ...he reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny apple seed that he had picked up at a park earlier. He picked it up because it had a tiny sprout growing. He thought it was amazing and compared it to his own faith...
He said that he felt "so special" and "so much good energy and power here". We explained to Him the role of God and His spirit and so many things began to click in his mind. He talked about the power he felt when he saw me, he said it came from my shirt because he didn't know how to explain it in English, haha. He said he couldn't see anything else but was so drawn to a power coming from me and he knew that he had to talk to us and partake of what we had to offer.

My faith in God's plan for us continually grows and deepens. He is so aware of us!!! I know it!
Going to watch General Conference

I yearn to emulate Jesus Christ.  Conference inspired me with many many ways I can change! I want to be more genuine and kind with those around me. "Kindness is powerful!" Our life here is just a drop of Eternity... I want to do everything I possibly can to strengthen my brothers and sisters. I want to study the Sacrament and think about it daily....How interesting that that was such a focus. What a miracle that we get to be cleansed weekly.

I am so grateful for our Prophet and inspired leaders!  We are blessed beyond belief.

I love you so so so much!
We saw this in a bathroom at Melbourne Central!
Sister Stevenson
"Hook em Horns"  even in Australia!

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