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Monday, October 6, 2014

I Had A Nacho Libre Moment

Hello hello!

The General Women's Conference was inspiring and edifying. I bawled watching the  beautiful sisters from around the world share their testimonies of the Temple..     I feel continually blessed to serve a mission. I am so spoiled being here.... we have been able to teach someone from just about every country that was represented. The more people I meet, the more I realize how similar we all are. We all just need love.
How are you helping those around you feel loved?

I can't wait to watch general conference!!!  

This week we started teaching a boy who just moved here from Korea. As we  taught Yus. about God and His son, Jesus Christ and prophets, he just nodded his head and didn't say much. Koreans do this great head bob :) We had him read aloud the first vision in Korean, when he did, he sat there in silence with wide eyes. He didn't know how to explain himself in English so pulled out his translator...the English word he showed us was "gooseflesh". Goosebumps :) He told us "I feel light, not heavy, never before felt, first time feel, no explain."
We have seen him a few times since and he is doing so well. The gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true and is for everyone...oh how I wish I could help all the hundreds of people here!

(On a small side note, at English class I had  a Nacho Libre moment when someone mouthed to me very seriously "I love you"--haha. we've got the situation covered though, no worries :)

 It is a special thing being in a small vicinity with 27 other missionaries. I love serving in the branch.

Mas. passed the Sacrament on Sunday. It was so joyous :) The Elders gave him a white shirt and tie and he taped a "member missionary" black missionary badge to his shirt..hahaha. Oh how we love him!! He brought another friend to church and she is planning on getting baptised next month!!!

PLease remember how influential each of you those around you feel loved!  Lift where you stand! There is no greater service you could give someone than helping them know Jesus Christ...I know your examples do this!!
Love you so much!!!!
Sister Stevenson

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  1. loved the Nacho libre moment!!! lol and how can anyone help but love you!! you are such a huge inspiration and great example