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Monday, July 28, 2014



I hope you all are doing so well!! 

S.'s baptism was wonderful...he was so happy, and a good amount of people showed up to support him. His wife spoke about this being literally a dream come true....they cannot wait to be sealed as a family next year! That is what this is all about! Families. Families are the TREASURE of Heaven.
During one of the talks, their 4 year old daughter ran down the chapel aisle crying and quickly taking off her clothes because she hadn't gotten to the restroom in time...haha. It added some extra smiles to Elder Mott's talk on the Holy Ghost :)

We were on exchanges the majority of the week. Sister W. and I are dealing with some new situations I haven't dealt with before. I love the missionaries in this mission so much...there really is a sisterhood within the sisters in our mission, and my whole heart and soul ache at disobedience to the rules. No temporary pleasure is worth breaking a rule. To be honest, I have never been this emotionally and physically drained.  I cannot even begin to imagine what President Maxwell feels. But the Lord helps us so much! There is no way we could do what needs to be done if we were not relying on Him 100%. He helps us carry our burdens and gives us real, lasting peace. 

It can be easy to think that a commandment is unimportant, or too difficult or not for us to obey. Like Laman and Lemuel we may say, “It is a hard thing God requires of us.” But as Nephi teaches us, God will give us no commandment unless He prepares a way for us to obey Him. 
I want to be as obedient and steadfast as Nephi. Ready to sacrifice anything as Abraham was. Sacrifice really does bring forth the blessings of Heaven.

We were privileged enough to attend the Lord's House this week. It was pristine :) We were able to clean it afterwards...I have never had such sacred cleaning experiences! It was so special. There is no place I feel as much peace, and closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, than in the Temple.

I love you to America and back!
Sister Stevenson 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Working Hard and Seeing Miracles

Hello lovely family!!

This week Sister W. and I were privileged enough to attend a meeting with Elder Dudfield of the Seventy, President Maxwell, his assistants, my zone leaders, and the bishops and stake President of Narre Warren Stake. The focus of the meeting was how we can better work with our ward council and ward mission leaders/ward missionaries to hasten the work of Salvation...what powerful insight Elder Dudfield gave. How are you going with the missionaries investigators? Have you been able to fellowship them and make them feel so welcome at church? What do the missionaries share when at our house? How often does our family crack open Preach My Gospel? :)

Sister W. is from Brisbane (originally New Zealand)! My first local companion!! She is Maori and is teaching me all about this unique culture. We are quite different...but goodness, we are learning so much and love overpowers all differences :) She goes home in two is still odd to have only been with new missionaries and to now be companions with quite seasoned sisters :) I love her dearly and she is a fountain of scriptural knowledge...such a blessing!

We are working hard and seeing miracles.    S. is getting baptized TOMORROW at 6pm. He is doing SO well. Last week he told us that he can't wait to be able to baptise his children in a few years. L. is on top of the is Sister M. :)

I had a SPECTACULAR birthday! 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is changing me. I KNOW that He lives! 

Love You Forever!
Sister Stevenson

Monday, July 14, 2014

I am in LOVE with the city

Hello wonderful family!
Today we went to an Australian animal sanctuary with Jam. (she got baptised last month!) was incredible. I saw Australia's top ten most deadly bite from an inland taipan and you are a goner ;) we saw huge eagles, wombats, Tasmanian devils, platypus, koalas, dragons, emus, dingoes, and of course kangaroos :)
Last p-day we got together with all the sisters on the east side for a CHRISTMAS in was SO fun.
Animal Sanctuary with Sister H.  It's still winter down under.
Sister H. is getting transferred Tuesday :(
     So last Saturday, upon dropping off some sisters at their flat, my Bible somehow fell out of the car...later we went back and searched all over the dark, rainy area and it was nowhere to be found. I was pretty devastated...I've had that Bible since I was 8 and has so many markings and some special notes from people I love on my mission.  All weekend I prayed that I would find it... I still have not found it.  But Monday I get a package from my sweet mother....and there's one item in it...a brand new Bible. Heavenly Father is real and He knows me. He knows each one of us.   Miracles happen. And my mother is inspired to send it at just the right time. I love you mum!! I have no idea where my Bible went but I pray that whomever picked it up can be blessed by it.
     I am in LOVE with the was one of the most incredible days of my life. Sister V. and I taught a few students from Korea, one being a man called John. All we taught about was Heavenly Father's love and following Jesus Christ and within 15 minutes invited him to be baptised. John is so special. He talked about how "my body is so excited but my mind so fog in my mind is lifted up and is like air is really cool and clear." He's so great! What a miracle!
All day was filled with going up to people on the street and inviting them to come back to the branch/church to show them around and invite them to learn more. and almost every time, they CAME! I met students from Zambia, China, Jamaica, Vietnam, Egypt and was a DREAM. We taught English to a Persian man  name M. 
I didn't want to leave the city (Melbourne)!! The missionaries there are so incredible....and SO OBEDIENT.
     Another miracle! I got to go on exchanges with my sweet Sister G.!!!!  We felt prompted to knock on a certain door...upon doing so we met a Chinese couple in their 50s who didn't speak much English. I just happened to remember one word in Chinese from a few days su ji du...Jesus. I told them we were ye su ji du teachers and their eyes lit up and immediately invited us inside. We taught N. and J. that God is our loving Heavenly Father as simply as we could and then sang "I am a child of God." the spirit was so strong and afterwards they each excitedly said "I feel so happy" motioning to their hearts. wow. the power of music. I had this feeling to reach inside my coat pocket and found a card from the city about missionaries teaching Chinese people English for free....this is a miracle itself as I am positive I had ran out. We gave N. the card and he immediately got on was all in Chinese on his ipad and they were able to read upon what we believe. I called the Chinese zone leaders and they set up an appointment to teach English to the couple in the city, as well as teach them more about the church.
Christmas in July    Sister L. from South Korea
Elder Chantung later told me that he and his companion were praying that they would be able to start  teaching families to build up the Chinese branch. As soon as they said, "Amen", we called.
" And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men." Moroni 7:29
I love being a missionary so much.
The Saviour said "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." John 14:18  I know this promise is real. I love you all so much. :)
Sister Stevenson

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What a week. A fantastic,miracle-filled, emotional, jam-packed week


What a week. A fantastic, miracle-filled, emotional, jam-packed week.
Missionary Leadership Council was incredible. I was edified, enlightened, and inspired beyond belief. 
 I exchanged into Churchill and was able to teach D. He has been on quite the spiritual roller coaster, what a tender mercy to teach him. Please pray for him.
Happy 4th of July!!! Wearing a coat and boots on this day was definitely a first :)
We had quite a few exchanges last week and one everyday next week! I miss Sister Hadfield, but I am so grateful to get to learn and grow with the sisters on the east side of Melbourne.  We are now in charge of the international zone (with the exception of Chinese speakers) so I get to exchange in the city this week with Sister Vuta. Woooohoooo!
I am learning so much. I detest sin. It is never worth it. Obedience is the first law of Heaven and with Heavenly Fathers help we can do it!!! I

I'm sorry this is so short, most of my email time is to President Maxwell.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so beautiful. We need it, it is the only way to true joy. I was very touched by this article in the ensign.... please read!

I love you!!!!!! 
Sister Hailey Stevenson