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Monday, July 28, 2014



I hope you all are doing so well!! 

S.'s baptism was wonderful...he was so happy, and a good amount of people showed up to support him. His wife spoke about this being literally a dream come true....they cannot wait to be sealed as a family next year! That is what this is all about! Families. Families are the TREASURE of Heaven.
During one of the talks, their 4 year old daughter ran down the chapel aisle crying and quickly taking off her clothes because she hadn't gotten to the restroom in time...haha. It added some extra smiles to Elder Mott's talk on the Holy Ghost :)

We were on exchanges the majority of the week. Sister W. and I are dealing with some new situations I haven't dealt with before. I love the missionaries in this mission so much...there really is a sisterhood within the sisters in our mission, and my whole heart and soul ache at disobedience to the rules. No temporary pleasure is worth breaking a rule. To be honest, I have never been this emotionally and physically drained.  I cannot even begin to imagine what President Maxwell feels. But the Lord helps us so much! There is no way we could do what needs to be done if we were not relying on Him 100%. He helps us carry our burdens and gives us real, lasting peace. 

It can be easy to think that a commandment is unimportant, or too difficult or not for us to obey. Like Laman and Lemuel we may say, “It is a hard thing God requires of us.” But as Nephi teaches us, God will give us no commandment unless He prepares a way for us to obey Him. 
I want to be as obedient and steadfast as Nephi. Ready to sacrifice anything as Abraham was. Sacrifice really does bring forth the blessings of Heaven.

We were privileged enough to attend the Lord's House this week. It was pristine :) We were able to clean it afterwards...I have never had such sacred cleaning experiences! It was so special. There is no place I feel as much peace, and closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, than in the Temple.

I love you to America and back!
Sister Stevenson 


  1. So proud of you Sister Stevenson. You are so faithful and true. Your example always inspires me. God Bless From Sister Wharton

  2. You are faithful. I so enjoy your emails.Thank you for the great examples of obedience as well as your example of obedience. Loves, Sister Brown��