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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wow...Wow....Wow Wow...

Hello hello!!

I am JUBILANT! Sister Larsen and I are staying in the City another transfer!!! And we are training a new sister from the Philippines!! Eeeeeee! We will continue to do exchanges with the sisters in Heidelberg, Narre Warren, Gippsland, Braeside and Maroondah Zones.We are so excited for this transfer!

Last week J. prayed during our lesson about whether or not this is Jesus Christ's church. After she said "amen" we sat in silence and she just said, "" I have, and then she moved her hands up and down her arms. (goose flesh anyone? ;) She told us that God told her in heart that she is in the right place. She was so excited to get baptised.
Two days later we were confirming our appointment with her and she told us that she probably wouldn't be coming back to our church. Her friend had told her some things and she said that she would now go to another church. We were devastated....we bore our testimonies to her and she said that she would pray and ask God what to do. She hasn't answered our calls since. :(
But  we know all will be well. J. is so special and her prayers will be answered.

There is an INCREDIBLE Taiwanese lady in our branch who lives in a huge penthouse in the city....guess what. This week, M. moved in to the extra bedroom. She isn't charging him a cent. So now he doesn't have to pay rent (he was living in the city before which is $$$$$) and Huang Mei LOVES to feed everyone in sight. This is such a miracle. She would not take any of my gratitude and insisted that he will bless her home because he is a Melchizedek Priesthood holder and is a good boy. She then said that she would be taking him to the Temple every Saturday to do baptisms for the names of all her cousins that have died. Heavenly Father is so aware of M.
We love him so much, I could cry just thinking about how happy he was this weekend.

This week we were able to do some training's at a couple of Zone Conferences. It is a special thing to be around so many missionaries. I love my calling! I love teaching people about hope and truth! I love my family! I love my Saviour!! There are so many reasons to rejoice!

My feet are healing!!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!

Sister Stevenson