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Monday, November 10, 2014

I Was Blown Away


Mama I met a boy from Lyon, France (my mom's mission) this week!!! And two others from Paris! One of the boys was Muslim, they were all very kind.... and very uninterested in our message of Jesus Christ...

I love teaching English class! My eyes are being opened to how confusing our language is...
Warm is pronounced like "worm", but worm is spelled like "werm." Oh my.

Mas. received the Melchizedek Priesthood this week...he is so righteous and such a blessing to the branch.
He also attended a Young Single Adult dance this weekend and I guess made quite the impression...haha
Riding to the Art Museum on P-day

This week one of our dear friends was sooo tired and looked especially skinny and withered...we asked him if he was okay and as usual responded, "I fine!" After a couple minutes of prodding he told us that he is very hungry...the only food he has everyday is rice and water. He lives by himself in an apartment and the money he has is what his little sister sends him from another country. Lam heard us saying that we could help him get food, and within an hour came in with bags of groceries for him. I am continually inspired by the humility and charity of the members in our branch. Lam is such an angel. We are praying that her PR paperwork from Vietnam will workout so that she can go on a mission or enroll in school. 

Elder Dudfield came to our MLC this week...he is an inspired man of God. He spoke mainly about Priesthood organization...I was blown away. Our church is so orderly...God is a God of order and of course His church will align with Him! 
He mentioned that the area he is over as a seventy, covers more languages and cultures than any other in the world.

We are teaching a man named K.from Mauritius 
When we first met him he wasn't sure if he believed in a God...he works over 60 hours a week and can't sleep at night...His faith has increased so much thanks to the Book of Mormon...he KNOWS there is a God..he said that since he has been praying, he can now fall asleep immediately at night. Prayer changes things!!  He said when he prayed about the Plan of Salvation, he immediately had an understanding come over him that his trials are of a temporary nature.

This week we met and started teaching a girl from Korea named J.!!! She is darling and bubbly and LOVED church...she hung on to every word during sacrament meeting and used her phone to translate words like "hymn" and "sacrifice" She cannot wait to be baptized!!!  Such a miracle!!

I love you all so much. I am so thankful for your righteous choices and acts of kindness. Hurrah for Israel!!!!
Sister Stevenson

P.S Please pray for my feet!!

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