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Sunday, June 29, 2014

It is SO WORTH IT!!!


My sweet companion has been sick as a dog all week. But it allowed both of us the time for some major self-evaluation. What a blessing. It is so easy to become content at where we are at. That is dangerous. I  want to be better so badly that it hurts...but if I'm not going to come up with a plan, nothing will change. But we must remember that Heavenly Father never wants us to get too down on ourselves, thoughts of criticism are from the adversary. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will we be.
 We must continually put our hope and trust in the Lord and RELY on Him always...even when times seem to be easy! As we change our mindsets, actions and desires to be aligned with the Lords, we begin to feel His presence in our lives is SO WORTH IT

Tomorrow Sister H. and I are presenting a training at MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) It will be all the zone leaders, sister training leaders in the mission, as well as President and Sister Maxwell and their assistants.I guess it's a big deal, haha. We are training on teaching active member lessons...something I'm quite passion about! Please pray for us that we can continue to be inspired of how we can help the mission! 

I sure do love the Plan of Salvation. I know it's REAL and evidence of God's love for us. Oh how I LOVE and cherish my family. I'm so thankful for Christ. 

Sister Stevenson

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