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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello!!!!!! Oh how I love you!! We are seeing miracles upon miracles.

Hello!!!!!! Oh how I love you!!

We are seeing miracles upon miracles. 
M. was so excited to be baptised next weekend.. bouncing of the walls and wanting to invite everyone. Unfortunately her mother put a stop to it all for the time being. We are devastated, but all will be well. We are hoping that we can go over this week. 

Do you remember me telling you about the sweet friend called Himmy Wu that I met on the plane ride to Australia? She is from Hong Kong and we talked about her someday going on a mission...she was so sceptical but had a small ounce of hope that it could maybe happen. We have emailed a little while I've been here and she started going to mission prep and read the Book of Mormon...she just got her mission call. Salt Lake City Temple Square mission. I am so happy :)))))) What an immense blessing for her and her family!!!!!

My purpose as a STL is being defined and refined. I went on a couple exchanges with a sister who has one transfer left and has lost her fire as a missionary, and another sister who just got here, and wants to go home because of the stress.  These sisters are my most important investigators. As I listen and observe with love, Heavenly Father directs me how I can help them.

 I am learning to value and love what the Lord loves. There is so much fluff and rubbish in the world and it is not worth it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality and is the one thing in the world that will not change. Please please please be studying your scriptures daily. They are safety for our soul. Continue to serve and love with all your heart. I'm so grateful to be here. I love you all so much!!

Sister Stevenson

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