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Monday, June 16, 2014

I was humbled to the max


Going on exchanges is a BLESSING! I was humbled to the max when I went with a sister that grew up in a VERY large family and in very humble circumstances on a tiny island. I hope to visit her someday. She wants to take me swimming with whales...ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On exchanges we experience miracle after miracle. I got to spend some time this week in Mooroolbark and Croyden....oh my beautiful. My eyes were so opened...I've really just seen a small section of our mission. It was like I was in beautiful old England. It's interesting, it was as if they were living in the past. In Mooroolbark I was able to go on splits with a sister in the ward...I asked her if she knew anyone that needed a visit and she took us to a friend she hadn't seen in 6 years. The friend wasn't home, but her kids were. I shared  an account in Nephi when an angel appears to him
16 And he said unto me: Knowesthou the condescension of God?
 17 And said unto him: knothat he loveth his children;nevertheless, do not know thmeaning of all things.
I briefly talked about how we don't always know why things happen, or why bad things happen to good people, but I absoultey know that God is literally our Father. And He loves us. He knows us and He wants to be in our lives.

It's a beautiful and unique experience teaching people that know nothing about God. These teenagers just stared at me with massive eyes that appeared to be growing brighter and brighter every word. When we left, sister burns cried and said that the children's father died a few years ago from a tumor....they have never been told that God loves them...can you imagine that? Never.
The missionaries in their area are going to start teaching the family soon :)
Remember Sister W. M. who we found out the bus stop and helped get back to church? She is working on getting her temple recommend! It was such a JOY to see her! What a blessing. With her coming back to church has resulted in her less active daughter doing the same. Her husband has been taught many times by missionaries, but not too much interest there. Sister H. and I are blessed to be here now. We've been working with him weekly and he is praying and finding answers and comfort through the Book of Mormon. THIS IS HUGE!!! Last week he said "I don't know how to explain it, but how I feel when I pray...there's nothing like it." oh my heart! I was about to do a jig! We asked him what the next step is for him and he said "well I know I want to be baptised, I will just need to tell my work soon..." So much joy!
We are teaching the GREATEST Sudanese girls..10 year old feisty Maria came to church yesterday and talked my ear off the entire sacrament meeting. During the opening hymn she didn't get why there was someone moving her arms around. I taught her how to lead and  she was causing quite the entertainment every song after. She LOVED church and made a heap of friends. She loves learning about God! Life is so good!
I really love being a missionary. More and more everyday. Keep striving to keep the commandments to exactness everyday!!!
Sister Stevenson 

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