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Monday, June 9, 2014

G'day g'day d'day!!
Happy Queens Birthday!!

So I am back in the NARRE WARREN ZOOOONE. Zion. People die when they hear i've been in a 15 mile radius my whole mission. For a mission that's a fifth the size of America, that's pretty crazy. I'm in the Narre Warren Ward, which borders the Crandbourne and Churchill park wards. How funny is that? I know the roads and so many of the people, it is a blessing! I am happy to be here.
I am  with Sister H. (i love her so much! we've been great friends my whole mission...I melted when they announced us as companions!) We are over all the sisters on the east side of the mission. We are like zone leaders, but for sisters in 4 different zones. We go on exchanges twice a week....I am SO excited for this...I am going to learn so much from so many sisters!!!! We really want to help our sisters align with God's will, and choose to be obedient and to work so hard because  of our love for The Lord,

Sister H. goes home in two months...our urgency to spread our great message is off the roof which is such a blessing and we are seeing miracles. Saturday we started teaching a Sudanese family, the kids were so intrigued and amazed as we told them about Joseph Smith...they are planning on being baptised at the end of June.
I have so much to learn from her...I haven't been with a "Senior companion" in a while so i'm still in a little daze not doing the training 12 wk program every morning.

About four months ago, Sister S. and I were at a shopping center on p-day. I saw a man sitting alone on a bench, when I said hello to him, his face lit up and said "Sisters!! I've been praying to find you!" He then told us how him and his family were baptised a few months before in New Zealand, they had just moved to Australia and have not been able to find an LDS chapel. They didn't have a solid home situation or internet and he was still looking for work. But most of all they just wanted to find a church to attend. Every Monday for the past 3 weeks he would come to the shopping center looking for missionaries shopping on their p-day. 
He was so happy to see us. I wrote down the chapel address and the mission office number, and he thanked us profusely.
Since then I have thought of him many times wondering what happened to him and his family, and if they were able to find a home and the church building. Yesterday was my first Sunday in  Narre Warren, a new ward mission leader was called. Guess who it was? YES, the same man from the shopping center, Brother Tafiti.

The Tafiti family is so humble. They are so dedicated to building the Lord's kingdom. Their main care in life is helping their family, and the people around them grow closer to Christ.

Everyday I am teaching people the ultimate reality...there is nothing more real than the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I yearn to love as Christ does. The more I love, the clearer my purpose is as a missionary, and in life. I am learning to be genuinely positive in a whole different way. There is no room for negativity as a missionary...Or for any of us really! As we choose to be happy despite the situation, life gets better.

love you a whole heap of a lot!
Sister Stevenson

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