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Monday, March 31, 2014


Malolelei!!! <3

I love being here so much. I really do.  People ask me daily, "How are you finding being a missionary?" (I can't remember if that's Aussie grammar or if people in the states say that too...) and I have to contain my enthusiasm so that I don't overwhelm them!
We are teaching a man who is so philosophical and thinks so deeply, that Sister P. doesn't understand a word he's saying. Everything that I say he analyses and strains thoroughly. He was taught years ago by missionaries but fell in love with one of them, told her, and never saw missionaries again. R. came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed himself. I like it because I can give him big reading assignments, tell him to read, ponder, liken and pray about the verses, and he will do it. There is power in following these steps.
We received a referral this week for a woman named Har. She  is 26 and most from New Zealand recently (just like the majority of Cranbourne) She is originally from the Cook Islands and is SO friendly and kind. For the past 3 years Hara has talked to her aunty almost everyday about the church. Never has she felt ready to go to church or meet with the missionaries until this month. We are so blessed to be able to be the Lord's instruments at this time and in this place. We met Har. and taught her about how faith in Jesus Christ leads us to want to be like Him. We read some beautiful verses in 2 Nephi 31  and chapter 32 and by the end of the lesson she was already planning her baptism. She came with us to a baptism the next day, came to church on sunday AND choir practice! She met so many people (including some other cook islanders that she found out she's related too--this is so common with the islanders!) This girl is something else.
We started teaching a boy named Ja. this week. He's 20 and Samoan and just moved from New Zealand. He met so many missionaries in NZ but was never interested in church. He approached US and said he feels like he's now ready to learn about God. He's reading the Book of Mormon and loves it! He's planning on being baptised next month :)
My companion gave me this dress and bag! 

This week Sister P. and I saw more than ever the importance of us being in unity. When there is tension in a companionship, the spirit will not guide us! And we rely fully on that guidance and direction! But as we love each other despite our differences , and work together he blesses us so much.

This  week I have been thinking about FEASTING upon the word of God. We should never be on a scripture diet!! I read recently, " as we feast upon the scriptures, the menu seems to change each time we open them." This is so true. The scriptures do not change, but we do.
 Sometimes I will think about a single verse all day. As I do, Heavenly Father ENLIGHTENS my mind.

Keep choosing the right!
I love you so much!!!!

Sister Stevenson

My Lovely Companion!

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  1. I love your last paragraph Sister Stevenson! I will share it on my Facebook page as my favorite missionary quote for this week. Well said. I talked to a Leslie from your job that you had right before you left for your mission. I had to ask her about some dates that Brett worked for them. I asked her if she knew you. She said "YES". She loves you. I sent her your address so she can enjoy your letters home too.