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Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm So Happy, I Might Think I Dance!

Hello!!! Talofa! Bonjour! Hola! Malolelei! 
A passion fruit flower in a members back yard.  God is the most amazing Artist!

My poor companion has been sick for 3 months. Almost every night she's up for hours because the stabbing pains in her stomach are so bad. But being the soldier that she is, she just endures it. Tuesday it was so bad that she couldn't walk and after the mission president's wife talked to her, she FINALLY went to the doctor. (She's refused to for months because she's terrified she'll be sent home) The doctor gave her tablets, but they didn't do much. This weekend though, the elders gave her a blessing and the next day she finally started feeling better!!!
Because she was so sick, we were not able to do much. But yesterday we had a lesson with this girl named Jordan. Her boyfriend is on a mission in Japan and she's been taking the discussions for a while. As of the past 2 weeks, she's been reading the Book of Mormon everyday. She's hooked on  it. What a glorious thing :) I was smiling so big and Sis P. says "I'm so happy, I might think I dance!" hahahahaha
Cranbourne Tug-of-war

Saturday we had a stake Athletics day at a dirt track area....oh my goodness. The funnest activity I've ever been to. The tug-o-war was hilarious. There is a mostly aussie ward and they would always get creamed immediately vs the islander wards. 

Cranbourne is very different than Narre Warren. To start off with, there are a million missionaries in the area, and  every house has been tracted multiple times. It's also a lot more dangerous here. The best part though is how DIVERSE it is. 

We went to the Temple this week! For days before, I prayed that my questions would be answered. Never have I prepared so much to go. Wow. It was worth it. I have no doubt that the Temple is literally the sacred and Holy House of the Lord. I cannot wait to go with all of you when I come home :)
Cranbourne District at the Melbourne Temple

Sister P. favorite Hymn is # The Star Spangled Banner...hahaha.  I have no complaints.
On Sunday, a man in church spoke about repentance. Repentance is a beautiful GIFT from our Heavenly Father. Imagine how He must feel when we ignore this gift!! Sin truly lowers my spirit. But Jesus Christ can lighten ANY burden and ease those regrets and spiritual wounds. Satan doesn't want us to repent! Misery sure does love company...
But I know that Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses so that we can turn them into STRENGTHS! I love the Atonement so much! A clean mind brings happiness to ourselves and others. Questions I will be pondering this week are? Do I always reflect a clean mind, clean words and actions?
I know that Jesus Christ LIVES! He loves us all so much. 
I have absolutely no doubt that Joseph Smith saw Him and our Heavenly Father, and brought back Jesus Christ's church to the Earth today. Such a beautiful blessing!!!
Sister Stevenson
p-day at Australia Gardens


  1. Oh Sister H. Stevenson is soooo delightful. I dearly love your Sister Missionary. Her letters are so colorful and full of interesting news, enthusiasm, Sweet Spirit, and Wonderful Testimony. I am always better for having read them. Give her my love and hugs in your next letter for me please. She is in our prayers every night. We pray for her health, happiness, safety, and that she will be led to those who would love to hear and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ! love and hugs, Lois (and Rex)

  2. I have always been so intrigued by the Passion Flower. As a little girl I remember having the Symbolism explained to me. I just looked it up on the internet to share because I can never really remember them. I remember seeing the Passion Flowers in Beaumont, but have not seen them in a really long time. They are such a beautiful and unique flower. There are various explanations but the most frequent one is this: " The symbols of the Passion of Christ were many and varied. The unique corona represented the crown of thorns. The ten sepals and petals represented the Apostles (except Judas and Peter, who both distanced themselves from Christ prior to the crucifixion). The five anthers were the five wounds on Christ’s body, and the three stigmas the nails. The leaves were the spear that pierced His side, and the tendrils the scourges that flayed His flesh."