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Sunday, March 2, 2014

OH MY HEART!!! It was thumping so hard .....


This one of those weeks where we knocked hundreds of doors, talked to so many people, and BAM.....nothing. But that's okay. We must have weeks like these to develop patience, and gratitude for the little things. Opposition in all things :) But it was a happy week just the same!!

The miracles witnessed as a servant for the most high God are remarkable and humbling. S. is a 17 year old girl got baptised a few days ago in the Narre Warren ward. S. is kind and beautiful, though you can't help but ache for her as her teeth are all decayed and rotted. A few days before the baptism, the sisters went to go see S.. They were confused when she opened the door with a scarf around her face. G, a humble South American woman in their ward had paid for S.'s teeth to be fixed. G is not by any means "well-off" and when the sisters called her to thank her, all she would say is "it was not me, it was Heavenly Father."

S.' had on the scarf because half of her face had an allergic reaction to the penicillin

J. told her family about being baptised and they were so supportive and excited for her!!! She even brought her niece to church this week! But I guess they're super busy and won't be free till that's when she's changed her date to. So I probably won't be there... (transfers are this weekend and since I've been here approaching six months I'm probably heading out soon)  but I'm just so happy for her! 

D. had a bit of a fall last weekend .He had so much Godly sorrow when we saw him. He has no doubt of the difference in how he feels when he's keeping the commandments, and when he's not. It was devastating, but sort of wonderful at the same time for him to learn this. The next time we saw him he told us how he had repented that week and got chills and felt really at peace and ready to get on the right path. The Atonement is real. We're still planning for Saturday :)

Fast and testimony meeting was very special this Sunday. Ana was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They didn't have a microphone and sitting on the second row I was only able to hear a little, but the beautiful counsel and blessings that I did hear were all regarding finding strength and joy through the scriptures, and the influence her righteous example would have on her family.

Ana later bore her testimony and gratitude for the gospel, she GLOWED. Sister M. then got up. Oh, my heart!!! It was thumping so hard and I was trying not to beam too much! haha! I was so happy! SIster M. talked about how she's been a member for 50 years, and how thankful she is to the sister missionaries who found her by a bus stop and brought her back to the truth (we found her a couple of months ago and it was truly a miracle from our Heavenly Father). She said she loves reading her Book of Mormon because it reminds her that everything is okay. She said she always wants to read more and more to show the sister missionaries how much she's read that week...hahaha. 

I felt similar to a mother being so overwhelmingly proud and joyful for her children...(even though both these women are older than my own mother :) These two beautiful women have once again come to know their Savio(u)r and they literally radiated. I feel so much love for these sisters of mine. I can only imagine how much our father in Heaven loves us.

I love you all!!!!
Sister Stevenson
PS.    Today for our Pday we are playing netball! I've never played before! It's very Aussie and English and South African!

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  1. Another fun letter from Sister Stevenson. She has a way with words! I am wondering if Netball is like Volleyball? Keep us posted on that one!
    IT is fun to read of Sister Stevenson's success as she works with her contacts. I cannot wait to listen to her Aussie accent when she returns home from her Mission. She is so awesome and beautiful...inside and out! hugs to her from me. Love, Sister Lois Wharton.