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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Oh my dear dear dear loved ones, oh how I love you!

It was a hard week. But we need those, don't we? It helps us appreciate the weeks where more things flow. It also allows us to learn! Opposition in all things! And despite it being tough, it was definitely a week of miracles.

There is a family in our ward with 10 kids, and about 10 other people living in their  house as well. Only a few of the kids come to church, but CeeCee, a girl that comes out with us a lot, just put in her mission papers!!! The mum,  became very sick Sunday and was immediately diagnosed with chronic heart failure. They thought she might die within a couple days. When we went over, the children were of course devastated, and next to hopeless. Sister P. and I said we would love to fast for their mum the following day, and invited them to join us. None of the teenagers or children had ever fasted before, and were sceptical whether they could actually go two meals without food. They took the challenge and half the family fasted with us. We talked to one of the daughters the next night and she told us "fasting works. Mum is home." The sister is still not well, but miraculously had been able to come home that day. It was special for all of us to see the power of faith and fasting.

Har. is a champ. R. is enjoying church. And R (another friend with an R name) came to church for the first time with her daughter. We were shocked! Heavenly Father has been hearing our pleas, I know it! This was such a miracle!

I loved the Womens Conference so much! My heart (and tears) were really about to burst. With a glorious Italian sister on my left, an eccentric Japanese sister on my right, and my lovely Tongan hoa (companion) on the other side, and a whole row of happy Samoan sisters in front of me, I really tasted a little bit of Heaven. These are my sisters. I love them so much. We are all Heavenly Father's children, and oh how we need each other!

This week I read that "all great leaders are also great learners." Although I wouldn't by any means call myself a "great leader", I so desire to become an exceptional learner. I have a thirst for knowledge and I am determined to learn all that I possibly can in this life. That, after all, is the PURPOSE of the Plan of Salvation! "We are here to learn obedience, to live by faith and to become like the Saviour. The purpose of learning is not just to know, but to become." --Elder Pearson

I am continuously amazed and humbled at the love Heavenly Father has for His children. He cherishes us, I have no doubt.

Sister Hailey Stevenson

This week Sister P.  said that a boy from Tongan emails her constantly (despite her lack of response)_ and at the end of each letter is a row of "so's and ox's" 
She did not think it was nearly as funny as I did when I told her what "xoxoxo" meant. 

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