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Sunday, April 13, 2014


I loved conference with all my heart!!! This is so horrible, but  this was the very first time in my life that I stayed awake through every session...haha. 
As I listened intently (versus scribbling down every good quote and doodling the secret garden) one by one the questions I had prepared began to be answered. I abosloutely sustain my beloved leaders as men and women chosen by our the Lord Himself to lead us, and help us. It was very special to have my invesitgators say the same thing.
I loved Elder Scott's talk on Saturday...His testimony at the end filled my heart with so much warmth! Oh how my love of Jesus Christ has been stregthened on my mission...I am nothing without him!
I felt strongly during conference that I want Jesus Christ to always be the leader of my companionship. As we turn to, and rely on Him, we cannot go wrong. The Atonement is central to everything I teach as a missionary, I feel like this was central to General Conference too.
I loved how Elder Hales talked about obedience. Obedience strenthens me for future trials! I choose to be obedient because I love the Lord so much. This should always be my main motive!

My heart soared when Elder Bednar talked about happiness not being the lack of a load. "Men are that they might have JOY" We are here to be happy! Indeed Jesus Christ suffered ALL for me. He has perfect empathy. Even in trial I can glory in my Saviour's Atonement.

R, Har., St. and R. came to almost all of the sessions. R. was especially moved and said that it was as if President Uchtdorf knew of her entire life story, and was speaking directly to her. She says she has no doubt that she in on the right path and can't wait to be baptised on 26 April. She is so meek and wonderful.  She went through her wardrobe and has gotten rid of bags and bags of her clothing.  She said that she wants her appearance to reflect that she knows of her divine worth. All she  desires is to follow Jesus Christ, and have her daughter learn to do so as well. I love her so much!!!
R (another person with an R name). continues to shock and amaze us with his intense pondering of the Book of Mormon. 
His mantle is full of religious art and symbols from many different sects (statues of Mary, rosaries, arabic writing, jewish stars, muslim art etc.) it is very interesting...a little freaky too. This week when we went to teach him, it was all gone. It has been replaced with pictures and figurines of American steam trains. He also has also cut off about 6 inches of his hair. He enjoyed conference but I think it exhausted him mentally.

Har. brought 5 of her nieces and nephews to conference...everyone thinks she's a member! She's amazing and this week she's decided to tell her parents (who are in New Zealand) about her baptism...hopefully we can set a new date that they will attend. 
This week we were at a young family's house talking about how much Heavenly Father loves us. I turned to the little boy and said "Tavar, did you know your new baby brother is with heavenly father right now?" His eyes widened to the size of the moon and gasped "Heavenly Father is in mummy's PUMMY??????" 
I know that we lived with our Father in Heaven before we came here. I know that He loves us so much!

As Sister Stevens said, "the gospel is not weight, it is wings!" It has set me free, and continues to uplift me, inturn helping me lift others.
Love you all heaps and heaps and heaps,
Sister Stevenson

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