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Sunday, January 4, 2015



I could not be more blessed. Honestly, I could not. Ammon's words continually run through my mind and heart, "Have we not great reason to rejoice...Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."

Everyday is a wonderful day when you wake up in the Australia Melbourne every week is pretty exceptional....but this week has been exceptionally great.
Sister Alb. arrived Wednesday from the New Zealand  Missionary Training Center.   She is from Metro Manila, Philippines. This is sister is so special. Her English is flawless...she jokes with some people that she's American and they believe her. She is righteous, confident, happy, and such a hard worker. I am so blessed to learn from her.

We saw countless miracles this week. One morning we prayed earnestly that we would be able to find 5 people that are prepared to hear the Gospel of Christ...during the day we met a woman on a bench who had no idea why, but the Lord had told her to come into the city that day. She had been sitting in front of the library for hours, not knowing why she was there. When she first saw Sister Alb., she was terrified. As a child she had some bad experiences with nuns in Vietnam...she thought we were nuns...haha. She ended up coming with us to the church and was welcomed so warmly by the branch. At the end of they day, she knew very clearly why the Lord had her come to the city.

The testimonies of our branch members never fail to fill my heart and make it soar like a hot air balloon. 
Yesterday sweet Phu. who was baptized a few months ago got up and talked about how she used to think that in her previous life, she must have been a very bad person to have all the trials she has in this life now. Now she knows that Heavenly Father gives her trials to help her learn and grow. Now she knows that He loves her.
Jo spoke about how Christ has softened her heart in ways she didn't think possible. She just got back from visiting her family in China for the first time in two years. She said "China needs the gospel so badly. I cannot wait for that day when they can have it. They need truth."
Hele. from Iran boldly testified of Jesus Christ and how grateful she is to know about Him. She talked about how lucky we are to have religious freedom. On Christmas day she studied her scriptures for one hour and felt so incredible. She knows that Jesus Christ lives.

 I am a part of the greatest work on the Earth today. It is Jesus Christ's work. I have asked, and I know that He lives. I know that Heavenly Father is patient with us. He loves us and will gladly help us to feel happy, to feel love, to feel peace and hope. We are never alone. 

 While on the tram this week we came to a stop where a man in his 40s was trying to get himself and his huge walker up the stairs to enter in the tram. We hurried and hopped out to help this large (at least 6'3) man and his heavy walker in. Somehow we were able to (this is an additional miracle seeing that my companion is itty bitty...under 5ft!) When he got on, I quickly realised that his eyes were lazy, most of his limbs were malfunctioning and he had some sort of brain damage. His speech wasn't very clear, but he talked and talked to us...he was SO incredibly happy...pure joy. We helped him get off the tram when he had to go. 
Later as I was reflecting on this, I had an impression that I had met an angel. I still cannot think of this experience without getting teary. I know that Heavenly Father loves His children. I know that because of Jesus Christ we can feel joy and hope no matter our situation.

Love you heaps and heaps,
Sister Stevenson



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