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Monday, January 26, 2015

No Swimming For Us!

Hello! Happy Australia Day!!!

On Monday, H. Good., a new member in our branch, drove us the three hour trip to the magnificent Twelve Apostles.

The 12 Apostles

We traveled the Great Ocean Road (google this!) The water was the most vibrant shades of blue...from turquoise to navy and the WAVES! Like thunder! The beaches (from afar, no swimming for us!) and cliffs was breathtaking. I am in continual awe of Heavenly Father's genius and grand creations. He is an artist! A sculptor! And each of us  are blessed enough to have sparks of His attributes and's mind-boggling really!
Chir. is now getting baptized on the 7th. His father in flying here from India, and he wants him to be present. So special. One of the highlights of my week was hearing Chir. say, "I am going to baptise all of my friends and family." 
This will be quite the special day (Feb. 7th)  . K.  is being endowed, and the Kiri.'s are being Sealed in the temple for time and Eternity. My heart!!! Heavenly Father is so wonderful.

This week, two of our Chinese missionaries met a woman named M. They invited her to church and on Sunday we were able to meet her and her daughter. M. and J. moved here from Spain 2 years ago...while in Spain they were taught by missionaries for 4 months, had to move here and never met missionaries again. In Relief Society we broke into small groups, our group was to discuss about the importance of Temple attendance. M. asked for the Temple address and said that she wanted to go so soon. In Spanish, Karen explained to her that you have to be baptized before going and explained the process and importance. It was really special to see our sweet K.  teach...she is such a missionary. K. came and sat next to me and said "They want to be baptized today." Wow! M. and J. are so incredibly special. They are angelic and so humble. We are teaching them tonight!!
On Sunday Our Stake President announced that the Vietnamese program will now be moved to Footscray ward...this came as quite the surprise to all of us. It is pretty heart-wrenching to lose so many incredible members of our branch (and sets of missionaries) but our humble Vietnamese members continue to say, "We will go wherever the Lord wants us to go."
My heart just about explodes everyday. I love the people here so much. I feel like I am on a prolonged Temple trip. I feel my Savior's love abundantly and daily...His love is INFINITE and He yearns to lift us. I love following Him, I will wear my out my life in His service. My mission is not almost over, I am in the middle of my mission!!  

Love you so very much. How is your Book of Mormon reading coming? It sounds like all of you are being quite diligent!! 
Sister Stevenson

P.S I found out Sister Maxwell knows David and Ruth!!!!
The 12 Apostles