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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hello hello! It was absolutely JOYFUL speaking to you all! With our Taiwanese Christmas eve (be sure to google bean dessert soup), and so many special lessons about Christ, I really had the most wonderful Christmas.
Guess what... for Christmas dinner we had kangaroo at the G. home. Even my vegetarian companion loved it. The G's live in an old hotel in Williamstown.  It was such a special week...I love being able to teach about the joy and reality of Jesus Christ's life.

Unfortunately my dear Sister L. and Sister P. are being transferred :( I will be training a new missionary. She flies in this week.

I love being a missionary. I see continuous miracles! To quote Mormon,  “Has the day of miracles ceased?”  No. I bear my witness that they have not. Faith in Jesus Christ really is a power.

Richard G Scott said, "Despite all the negative challenges in life, we must take time to actively exercise our faith." How are you going to exercise your faith this upcoming year? What can you do to grow closer to Heavenly Father?
How is your feast on The Book of Mormon coming? :) That book has truly been the catalyst for changing my heart and increasing my faith.

I love you so very much. Keep spreading light to the world!
Sister Stevenson
Christmas Eve Taiwanese Dessert

Christmas Package
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