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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Merry Christmas!!!
 I hope you have the most joyful week! Melbourne is nice and warm and my heart is so happy. Could I be more blessed? Honestly, I think not. At the beginning of my mission I was a little sad that I would be spending two Christmas's away from you. but now, I could not be more grateful to be here. It is the biggest and most humbling blessing to be serving my Saviour at this time of year...and everyday! I love being a missionary. I love teaching people about Him. I love how I am learning what it means to follow Him. I even love how tired I am! haha! It is so worth it. 

I had the privilege of being Sister Sai.'s companion her last day as a missionary...I've heard that missionaries always have their last miracle...the whole day was a miracle! While GQing (contacting people on the street)  we met Chang, a student from China who had no knowledge of God or Jesus Christ. He excitedly came back with us to the branch, and my heart was soaring....I felt so strongly that this boy is so special. We watched He is the Gift with him and taught him how to pray. That prayer changed his life. He said afterwards that there IS a Father in Heaven, and he listened to him. A couple days later he got into a fight with his roommate and was really distraught, he went into his room and prayed and God helped him again. He found this to be a sheer miracle, and it is!
 The governor of the universe communicates with us. Ah, my heart! I deeply believe that God knows us.
Chang came with us to K's baptism and to church the next day. He is excited for his own baptism!

I know that God hears my prayers. I have an interesting assignment in our mission, sometimes it is really hard. I know that when we are down, Heavenly Father can lift us up

K's baptism was so beautiful! Her husband,  was able to baptise her.  When she came out of the water in one motion she did the biggest fist punch, oh my, it was so happy. K. is not a huge smiler, but she was glowing. Her husband  let out a loud "YES!"

On Christmas day our branch is holding a big meal for anyone to come!! We are teaching quite a few students who have no plans for Christmas and they are coming!! Hurray! Sister Goodall, a woman from a near ward invited us over for dinner!! We are SO EXCITED!

My heart continues to be in awe and amazement at Christ's birth. He created worlds without number, yet was born in the most humble of circumstance. His birth is miraculous, magnificent and symbolic of the type of humility  we should try to possess.  I am so thankful for that sacred night that my Saviour was born changed the world forever. I feel so near Him as I serve Him...there is no greater joy.

Love you so very much, talk to you soon!!!!

Sister Stevenson