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Monday, May 26, 2014


We had a bit of an escapade with one of the people we are teaching....He became a bit too friendly and it became very uncomfortable and then he started sending us horrible texts. :(  We are worried about him.

We had a few INCREDIBLE lessons with the E. family this week. The kids all have said how noticeably happy they have all been since the gospel was introduced into their family. They are making friends at church and are progressing to be baptised. 
Before D. got sick she was a hairdresser...she even has a salon in her garage. She has insisted on doing our hair as a way of thanks to more thing....D. has purple and pink hair. We are a tad nervous. But all will be well :) 

We have a new ward mission leader whose training to be in the UFC. He's so cool. He owns a fighting gym and him and his wife are AMAZING missionaries. He sent us over to a couple he trains to tell them we can help them stop smoking. They were surprised to say the least  :)
We started the stop smoking program with C. and C. and they even came to church sunday. Woohoo!
They live with C.'s mum.  When we met her she said "I'm crazy. Are you crazy like me?" I told her that she wasn't crazy and that I liked her purple nails, she then said, "Oh yeah I am. I'm head dog at the psychiatric ward." Hahaha she seriously is the craziest, most hilarious person I've ever met. 

I love Sister G.
so much!
Something we are working on is listening with is very easy to get into repetitive conversation/teaching with those we talk to. As we listen with love, we never have to worry about how to respond to people. Heavenly Father puts words into our mouths and we are able to meet their needs. 

I have just started the Book of Mormon again and have been especially inspired by Nephi's valiance. It could not have been easy when his brothers were so horrible and rude. It's so important that we are obedient to Heavenly Father even when it may seem inconvenient or difficult. Obedience is always worth it. 

Love you all so very very much!!!
Sister Stevenson

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