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Monday, May 19, 2014


Bro and sis Duffus took us to Phillip Island today....holy gorgeous. We saw nobbies and blow holes and little penguins and kangaroos and wallaby's and the most exotic was another world. The scenery was beyond breathtaking. I took the most incredible photos....but of course the computers aren't working...again.  :)

We had Sister's conference this was so so so beyond happy to see all my amazing sisters again. It was inspiring, motivating and very humbling. Life is so beautiful!!!

We are teaching a family and they came to church on Sunday! We're about to do a Family Home Evening with them and the Levao's...happy day! They have zero religious knowledge at all. It is such a special thing being able to teach someone from scratch. D. said her first prayer this She was so terrified, but she felt so happy at the end.
This father died a few years ago, and D. has been raising her 3 kids by herself. She's a hairdresser, but a few months ago she became very ill and hasn't been able to work. Last week they completely ran out of food and only had 1 meal a day. A family in our ward got involved and our ward has been helping them. It is such a blessing to teach this special family. They are craving the truth that we have.

I know that God is my Father. This knowledge truly changes EVERYTHING. I want everyone to know what I know!

Love you so very much,
Sister Stevenson

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