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Monday, May 5, 2014


This week our mission had the long awaited visit from our  President of the Pacific area, Elder Hamula. In preparation we all read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover focusing on faith in Christ, repentance, baptism and the Holy Ghost.

Elder Hamula spoke to us for four hours   I am a different person because of it.

He spoke about remembering who we were, some things that stood out to me and thoughts I had:

-In the pre-mortal life we chose good. We exercised exceedingly great gaith. We must recover what we were and claim it as ours again! We were valiant in the cause of Christ. I am so moved by alma 13:3
-The light of Christ helsp us remember the truth that we have already learned. My job as a missionary is to rekindle flames!!! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ NEED us to remember who we are! 
-I need to trust in my testimony and forget myself.
-I must let go of the person I was before my mission, and embrace who Heavenly Father wants me to be. This was huge for me to realise.
-We can all change. 
 We must 1. Accept our agency. I have the capacity to act. "If we say "that's just the way I am" we are damning ourselves to that."  2. act outwardlt the way you hope/want to be on the inside.   3. avail myself on the Lord's grace. We cannot do this alone.

I'm not sure how or why, but I had the privilege of being asked to meet with Elder Hamula after the meeting. It was the most sacred 20 minutes. He talked to me a bit about my family and what I had learned that day. I mentioned something I had felt about Christ needing to be the leader of my companionship and he leaned forward, looked me straight in the eye and boldly said "Sister Stevenson, that is direct revelation from Heaven. Hold on to that." It was powerful. 
He then talked to me about my experience on my mission so far. I told him how I came out thinking that I knew so much and that I was fully prepared and would be a superstar. In a way I feel I have been crumpled down to the ground and am now being built back up to who Heavenly Father wants me to be. He told me that there is no greater thing than to be reconstructed by Heavenly Father. We talked about my purpose and potential. He felt inspired to tell me a story from an experience he had as a stake president when he was 30. Honestly, I think that one  reason it happened to him was so that he could tell me 30 years later to learn. Elder Hamula gave me words of wisdom specific to me that I absolutely cherish.

I know he is the Lord's servant. It was so incredibly special. Heavenly Father was speaking directly to me through His servant. I have no doubt of it. I walked out of the room literally beaming. My heart is still full of warmth and joy even thinking about it. I am so blessed.

We have been helping a certain woman a lot lately. She's started coming back to church and is doing really well. She is soooo funny! She doesn't let anyone in her house and we were there the other night and it was freezing and she shoveled through some boxes outside that I thought were rubbish and gave us two matching crocheted scarves. I'm pretty sure the knits gave us nits...haha. gahhhhh. 

We didn't have any meals appointments this week and were about out of food on Saturday. Sister G. was really worried we would starve.  Saturday night, a young married couple in our ward rang our doorbell and dropped off about 5 bags of groceries. when they heard we didn't have milk, they went back to the store and bought five more bags of food. plus milk. Honestly, we would never starve, but it was such evidence of Heavenly Father's love and awareness for us. He is blessing us so immensely.

Miracles still exist! God is our Father and Jesus Christ lives. Love you all so much!

Sister Stevenson

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