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Sunday, December 29, 2013


     I had the most wonderful Christmas!!!! Oh how I love and adore you all, getting to see you was SO SURREAL and SO exciting!!!!!! It was weird hearing "Hailey"! I'm so used to Sister Stevenson!! Or I guess, "Sistah Stevenson" is how they say it ;)
Our ward (church congregation) was so generous and loving to us on Christmas. And to get to talk to all of you!!! Ah! It feels like a dream!I was thinking about it this week, and I really am the luckiest girl in the world. Truly.
Talking to Hailey on Christmas Eve (Christmas Day in Australia)!

     Thursday was a pretty discouraging. We worked HARD all day, and only got one new contact. It was very hot, and no one wanted to talk to us. But I have a testimony that as we give it our best (in all aspects of life!) and pray to Heavenly Father, He will bless us and help us with the rest! The next day we went to the Temple (which was soooooo pristine in every way!) and then did weekly planning, and by the end of it all, we only had 2 hours to work. In 2 hours we were able to see one of our investigators, got 7 new contacts, taught 2 lessons, and received 3 referrals. Oh the sweet tender mercies from our Father in Heaven!! I know He loves me, and blesses Sister Stallings and I as we serve Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength. And I know that He loves you. (Yes, you. Whomever is reading this.)
     It is becoming very, very easy for me to talk to ANYONE! I am grateful for this skill!
We were at the train station the other day and suddenly this guy who I've met before came up to me and started swearing up a storm and saying all these horrible things about me. And telling me to go back to my country because no one wants me here. He then spit at me and threatened to call the cops if I didn't leave.......haha. 
A couple months ago, this would have shaken me up a little bit. But I guess my skin has thickened because I just brushed the whole thing off immediately. Poor guy. I just smiled and told to have a good day as I got on the train. I'm thinking he was having a pretty awful day.
We started teaching a woman named S. yesterday!! Oh me oh my. She is soooo prepared to hear our message.The way that she expresses her love for Jesus Christ reminds me so much of Grandma Larsen!! (huge compliment) and with their countenances and lovely homes I do think they'd get along nicely :) S. has the Jehovah's Witnesses come teach her often. She says she wont convert though because she's Catholic and doesn't believe and like everything that they teach. But she doesn't exactly agree with her religion either. Since the first time we met her, she has read the POS pamphlet over and over again and loves it soooo much. She kept saying "I want to be baptized so badly. I just love Jesus Christ so much. I want to be baptized before I die" WOW. Whatta lady. Right now she is praying about when she wants to prepare to be baptized :) Ohhhh the JOY AND GRATITUDE I feel!!!
On a way different and worldly side note, I got the greatest shoes today for $2 and $5. BLESSINGS!!! ;
Sister Stallings is doing so well!  She works hard and I am so grateful to have her as my companion
One of my favorite parts of my mission is the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. Heavenly Father is leading me. More and more I'm feeling the Holy Spirit tell me what to say or to do something specific, to go somewhere or to talk to a certain person. As I follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, I see miracles happen. I wish so badly that everyone could have this gift in their lives.
Sunday we started the stop smoking program with a very special family. If he follows the plan, he will be free from his addiction in seven days. I KNOW he can do it. Being sealed to his family in the temple is worth ANYTHING. Addictions are not. Please pray for him!
We taught Relief Society on Sunday! We talked about how the gift of HOPE is the best gift/service we could give to anyone. The hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings is priceless. Oh we are soooo blessed!!! I'm smiling big right now!
I love Jesus Christ!! I love being an ambassador for Him!!! I love the Book of Mormon and I wish everyone in the world would read it and the Bible. I love my Father in Heaven and I know that He loves us. I love Australia and I LOVE the people here so much! And I love you all soooooooo much!!

Make this week WONDERFUL! YOU decide the happiness in your life! Make sure to find someone to serve everyday! It is a key to joy. Love,love, love you!
Sister Hailey Stevenson
This was us this morning at 1000 Steps in Ferntree Gully...Google beautiful!!!

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