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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Merry Christmas!! 
It was sooooooo amazing getting to talk to y'all!!! I promise I wasn't sad crying! Hahaha (All the missionaries in Hailey's mission got to make a quick call a week ago to set up the Christmas Skype Time...she is 17 hours ahead of us)
I can't believe I get to kind of see you in in two days (via skype) !!!!!!

J. dropped us this week :( She says she needs to put aside all church things (going to church, communicating with anyone from the church) because of the barrier that is coming between her and P. Although it was devestating, the whole phone call I felt such a peace that everything WILL work out! I don't know what will happen, but I do know that someday she  will be baptized. I just pray that I will be able to be there for it!
MY NEW GOLDEN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ( I have the privilige of serving with Sister R. Stallings from Logan, Utah, and I am SO EXCITED :) Sister Stallings is a joy and so down to earth. 
I love and adore her so much. She is loving, humble, and has a 100% desire to work hard and be obedient. I am so blessed to have her as my companion.
My "MOM" and my "DAUGHTER" aka... Trainer and my Golden
I saw over 50 kangaroos yesterday!!! They are the most amazing animal. The babies are sooo cute and the mama will bend over to eat grass and the baby will stick out it's head and eat grass straight from the pouch!! And watching them fight is so cool!I
These Kangaroos are fighting
 Yesterday the J's both came to church for the first time in over a year. It may have been one of the most joyous moments of my mission. They LOVED Sacrament Meeting and were so glad they came. Next step, getting them sealed in the Temple.

I found the most glorious scripture this week! 2 Nephi 10:23
Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves—to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life.
It applies to missionaries. We must continue to have cheerful hearts and remember that we are all free to act for ourselves because of Christ's gift of agency. I must stay cheerful as I respect my investigators agency.
The Savior's birth has never felt as real to me as it does now. What a GLORIOUS week this is. And what better way can I give back to my Savior than by bringing people closer to Him? People ask me all the time if it's hard being a missionary at this time of year. Although I do miss you all (sometimes.... ;) I am SO GRATEFUL to be here serving my Heavenly Father everyday. I LOVE being a missionary and I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. His Atonement is intimate and infinite and I am forever indebted to Him. I love Him so much!!!
Love you so much and can't WAIT to TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHH!!!!
Sister Stevenson

PS.   So Aussie shampoo is sold in 11 countries.... none of which are Australia.
We have received so many treats for Christmas!!!

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