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Monday, December 16, 2013

American accents! Goodness! Do I really sound like that?

So to get down to the cream filling, we got a call last night from President Maxwell (I love that man so much, but when he calls my eyes get really big and my heart starts beating very very quickly!!)  He has asked us both to train new missionaries that come on Wednesday and Sister Baker is being transferred.  But I get to stay here!!! Holy goodness! We're in the middle of a transfer and it's almost Christmas, so this was very unexpected and shocking! I guess they are all visa waiters  (meaning they have been serving as missionaries in another mission until their Australian Visa comes in)!   There are 16 new missionaries!
My bunny at the OKeefe's

I HAVE STARTED DRIVING!!!  So, I cruise down the road and all is well, I'm getting used to driving on the left, and  the lack of stop signs and the excess of yielding roundabouts. Every time I flick the blinkers .....BAM, WINDSHIELD WIPERS. Repeat. Every time I drive. Still getting used to that :)
Last week was probably the most emotionally straining week of my mission so far. 
The strenuous work from morning until night, day after day without cease is not hard for me. What is hard is recognizing and respecting that everyone has their own agency.  I love the people we are teaching so much. I so badly want these people to be able to experience the peace, hope, JOY and IMMENSE blessings that I receive from being a part of Jesus Christ's church. So many of them feel the spirit when we're with them, and know there is truth in our message, but they are afraid to make any change in their lives, so they ask us not to come back. This week was full of those times, and it was truly devastating.
Before, I thought that life as a missionary would be peachy every single day. Before I came here, missionaries always seemed so happy and laid back!  I thought that missionary life would be a breeze.
My conceptions were a tad misconstrued. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I still feel temptation every single day. Sad and unfair things happen. Satan tries so hard to weaken me. He wants me to feel homesick. He wants me to feel too young and inadequate. But I will not let him delight in my giving in.
 As my foundation is built on Jesus Christ, I will not fall. As I turn to Him during times of uncertainty, He lightens my burdens and reminds me who I am, and whose I am. I love my Savior and rejoice in His gospel. He is my LIGHT and the reason that we can all have hope in this life. He really is the Prince of Peace!!!

I LOVED the Christmas devotional! To all my friends who didn't see it, please please please watch it and tell me what you think!     And those American accents! Goodness!   Do I really sound like that?!!!
Love y'all so so so so so much. Hurrah for Israel!!!
Sister Stevenson

I love Sister Silver and All of her family!!!!!

Sis. W. got to see horses and on her BDAY!

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