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Monday, September 22, 2014

It was POURING rain and frigid, we were all drenched.


Oh sweet Mas...his baptism was beyond happy. Angeal gave a ten minute talk in JAPANESE...this is incredibly incredible as he speaks Vietnamese and has only been speaking English for a couple years. He said he watches a lot of Anime..haha. After the baptism Mas. said "My heart feel so clean...I'm so glad. It's great." He later told Sister Gold. that he feels happier today than the happy he felt yesterday :) What a glorious thing to witness him making that covenant with God. He gets it. He loves the Lord and wants to follow Him. 
On Sunday there were FOUR confirmations in the branch...and three in the Chinese branch. The work is Hastening!! Angeal confirmed Mas, once again in Japanese so he could understand!!! The gift of tongues is real.

Our Persian friends have been reading the Book of Mormon! They came to church and were able to stay for potluck afterwards...imagine potluck in the branch, the most interesting assortment of foods!

On the way home from zone meeting we got a flat tire...our car has been quite problematic, luckily we rarely use it! Anyway, a set of Elders saw us pull over and pulled over with us and changed the tire. It was POURING rain and frigid, we were all drenched. Gotta enjoy it!! Love love love those moments! Life is so good!

I LOVE being a missionary so much. Everyday my heart could explode at the amount of sheer joy I feel. The Book of Mormon is a fountain of endless, inexhaustible wisdom. I declare that no matter the question or concern, the Book of Mormon can answer it fully and clearly.

I love you so so so so so soooo very very much. 
Sister Stevenson  

P.S.  Oh life is so beautiful! Today is our sisters pday for the east side...we've planned a scavenger hunt in the CITY.   AMAZING RACE: MELBOURNE
Our church building in downtown Melbourne  Can you guess what level we meet on?

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  1. Oh what a wonderful letter from Sister Stevenson. I love her letters so much. They are so eloquent and beautiful. I ALWAYS feel the sweetest witness of the Truthfulness of her wonderful words. I love that she is teaching her fellow friends and missionaries such excellent words like "Pristine". That is a great word to know and use. Ahhh Life is truly Good. Hugs and Loves. Lois and Rex Wharton. Thanks so much for sharing. I love The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!