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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today we fed kangaroos!!


I hope you all had a lovely week!!!

Sister St. is getting so confident in every aspect of missionary work and I love her to pieces. Faith in Jesus Christ produces outstanding miracles. Faith is not simply an expression of belief, but a power! Never think that you can't change! With Christ's help, all things are possible.

 My eye got super infected this week and we had to stay home a bit because I scary. I was about ready to explode with readiness to leave. But my prayers were heard and within 2 days it healed and we were able to go out and work again. I LOVE working hard, especially when it's 100+ degrees :)!
We have started teaching A.'s kids :))) Wouldn't it be a dream come true if they could be baptised with her on the 22nd? They LOVE church and the friends they've met in young men's and young women's. Their home has been so blessed because of the gospel! Heavenly Father puts us into families for a reason!

We were tracting this week and met a lovely Sri Lankan lady. She immediately invited us in  when she read "Jesus Christ" on our badges. We taught her to pray and she was so happy. I love this work so much.

Dan. and D. Kirikiri should both be getting baptised on Saturday. YAY!
I know without any doubt that the Lord is hastening His work! There are almost 85,000 missionaries around the world now!!! But it's not enough to simply cheer for those numbers! I invite  you to commit your heart, might, mind and strength to missionary work as well. There is no greater feeling than assisting in bringing people to  Jesus Christ.

Today we fed kangaroos!! One attacked me because it knew I had food, but I'm alive so all is well. Only my ankle had blood on it ;)

We went to a park this morning for our P-day.
I love being a missionary for Jesus Christ!!! It is a life of JOY sharing this beautiful message of HOPE.

Love you heaps and heaps and heaps.
Sister Stevenson
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  1. Sheer joy and huge smiles. That is what I experience when I read Sister Stevenson's fun letters. She is wonderful! Every letter inspires me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sister Stevenson is so cute. She is in our prayers every day. Happy Hugs for her.