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Monday, January 13, 2014


This week we were early for a lesson and decided to knock on their neighbors door. A woman came to the door and quickly let us know how uninterested she was. I was a little discouraged because I had really felt that we should knock on this specific door! We went across the street and no one answered. Suddenly we heard someone say "Excuse me! Who are you?" We turned around and there was a guy coming out of the house we had just been at. Long story short, he met missionaries years ago, had given them his number, but for some reason they never called! He really wants to learn more about God, and why so many Christian people he has met are so nice. BOO YA! A couple days later we went to teach him. This young man  is SO prepared to hear the truth. In 4 days he read 60 pages of the Book of Mormon and has been keeping a notebook of all of his favorite scriptures. we are SOOOOOOOO excited to teach him again!!!
We met with Jem at the chapel and it was so beyond glorious to see her. I have never seen her so happy. She is doing sooooo well and is on such a good path.

Kendrick, look up the Mormon message "Mormon Mustang" you will like it.

In the past 2 weeks we have done the Stop Smoking Program with 3  people and not one of them has picked up a cigarette since. Yay!!!!

This week we had a lesson with A. and a man in our ward who just came home from his mission in Paraguay. I know she loved being able to speak in her native tongue. The spirit was strong and she said she really wanted to come to church!! She  hurt her foot and hasn't been able to work...but in a way this is a miracle because now she can come on Sunday. She's been wanting to so badly, but always works.
Yesterday the Elders gave another one our friends and her children a blessing. This family has gone through more in the past year than anyone should ever have to. I know with out any doubt that those blessings were exactly what Heavenly Father wanted them to know. The Elders had no idea what has happened to them, but every word was so precise to their needs. (yes mother, I wrote them down ;) I know that the priesthood power is authority from Jesus Christ Himself. It is the real and only authority to act in God's name and it is such a miracle and blessing that we have it in our church.

On Sunday, Cr., Kay., A. and H. came to church. It was soooooooo great! H. was a big shock! He was only there for 20 minutes and kept falling asleep, but so many people came and introduced themselves and I was so grateful for that. In Gospel Principles it was just A., me and Sis S. and the Elders. The lesson was on the nature of Heavenly Father. What a pure, and powerful lesson it was. A. said the closing prayer and she thanked Heavenly Father for sending "these people to [her] door" and for leading her in this direction. So happy! A family in our ward invited A. and her kids over tonight. Double so happy :,)
The best thing you could ever give a missionary (Even better than a great meal!) is REFERRALS!! :) Always, always, always give the missionaries referrals. And if they have people coming with them to church, please go and talk to them!!! It crushes my heart when we bring people to church and ward members just walk past them.
I love being a missionary so much. I've noticed that the harder I work, the more I love my mission.

Friends and family that read my letters!! I love you all so much! I just want to say that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for ALL of us. We all need it! It does not just bless our life so immensely now, but it is the only way that we can return to live with our families after this life. It is so worth it. If you have questions, ASK! and are such great resources. Or ask one of my lovely family members :)
I love you all sooooo much! Keep smiling everyday and remember how loved you are!
Sister Hailey Stevenson

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