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Monday, October 21, 2013

There are spiders in our room EVERY NIGHT

I love you all so much. And I am so grateful that everyone was okay and that our family is eternal. This news of Dad and Kendrick"s accident is so painful to me, but I know that everything will work out well. It always does :) These things are for our better as we read in Doctrine and Covenants 121 -122! 
I'm praying for you constantly.

Sister Baker and I will be focusing this next week on getting all of our investigators to church. We also want to make getting referrals from everybody (specifically members) a larger priority. We can tract and GQ for hours, but that's not always effective. Referrals are GOLDEN! On the Saturday afternoon session of GC, Elder Neilson spoke about what ward members can do to be missionaries, and to bless the missionaries. One of those was to pray for the missionaries serving in their ward by name everyday, as well as to pray for their investigators by name. How profound! We have started sharing this with members everyday, and each time leave them with a card that says the names of our investigators and a brief sentence about their spiritual needs. We are SO EXCITED about this. I know that as both the missionaries and the members pray in faith for these people, a miracle will occur.

Things about this week:
i pulled out a letter from the "mailbox" thing we have, there was a massive snail on it (MASSIVE) haha!!! snail mail!!! only in Australia.
There are spiders in our room EVERY NIGHT. and they are always on Sister Bakers side hahahaha. which is so hilarious because she's terrified of them!!! Poor thing.
I LOVE Sister Baker.
people say that it will get to 50 degrees here in the summer....which im pretty sure is a trillion in Fahrenheit...
DAD WE ARE DOING THE 40 DAY FAST IN OUR WARD!!! tell the Williams!!!
MOM there is a man in my ward that reads my blog hahahahahaha!
everyday we experience language barriers. So much diversity here.  Amazing! Australia is a magical place.

While tracting we met a woman named Angela. She is a member, but stopped going to church years ago. Her daughter Kayla is 12, and much to her mothers annoyance, claims to be atheist. Angela has allowed us to teach Kayla so that she can at least have a reason for her religious decision. We are going back for her third lesson soon, and are really focusing on her knowing that she has a Heavenly Father who knows her, and loves her. I adore Kayla and love watching her growth. She will hopefully be baptised soon!!! Angela is present for the lessons, but doesn't want to be active in them. But she definitely feels the spirit when we are there!

 We are working hard, and striving to be more obedient and diligent everyday.

I know that President Monson in a real, living prophet, chosen by God Himself. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I have a testimony that increases everyday of His divinity and vital role in true happiness. I am nothing with Christ. He is my light and the reason for my joy. (along with my pristine fam and friends:) I love y'all more than I can articulate!! Keep choosing the right!!!

Sister Hailey Stevenson

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